Binance API completely messed up - cannot even identify where :(

Essentially I’m seeing a whole bunch of trx on Accointing for which there are not equivalents on the Binance history. Dates are messed up, but amounts to.

Because of this it mentions that I have a whole bunch of trx where there are missing funds. Don’t know whats going on.

I think I may have found the source? It’s not importing the EUR deposits?

Ok thank this reddit user: he is explaining the issue quite nicely.

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Hey, @le.vinc does this article help we have in the hub?

Well, the reddit article I mentioned does the best job in clearing it up.

However, even better would be for Accointing to fix the API, given Binance is the largest exchange ^^

Actually this hub article is pretty good as well, thanks for providing. But ye, the sooner the API is fixed the better :slight_smile:

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Please see my other post for more information on that. It seems not all trade history is transmitted per API, on top of the FIAT related trx.

The issue is that Binance does not send all their data through their API and therefore we get holey data.