Binance API changes?


is it possible that the Binance API now supports FIAT Deposits ?!
My Account is a bit chaotic right now, cause all my deposits are doubled now. One Manual and one API Order for every deposit. Not quite sure if some other changes happened. Investigatin my Database right now.
Could u plz have a look at the binance API?!

I noticed the same thing!
I just deleted all my manual deposit entries. Figuring that the API integration handles that part fine now. I still have to do manual entries for withdrawals though.

Same for me. So for sure Binance API has been modified.
How to quick remove dubbel occurences? Can we filter on manual transactions?

Maybe Accointing could provide support for duplicate entries so that we don’t have to delete all the manual entries?

Hello Danic,

that’s good news!
Works for me too!
Thanks for the tip!

@Matt @Rod If the Accointing developers contributed to this improvement, you should definitely publish that too. (There is a german saying “Do good and talk about it!”)

Since the information is relevant for all Accointing customers with Binance account, I think it would be a good idea to have a “What’s new?” section in the app and on the main website for this purpose.

Hey Tom. First of all, thank you for the feedback. Currently, we have this section in discourse: Software Updates & Fixes - Accointing Community Board. With every new update, we add a What’s New as it is required by both iOS and Android before publishing any updates. Second of all…I’ll leave this here for you and slowly walkway…


Sooooo… @Matt @Rod

Thanks for the reply @Rod , but you didn’t actually say whether Accointing had made a change to the Binance API import or not?

It would be nice to know, so that we can express our thanks, if you did.
Or have Binance changed something at their end?

I’m interested as I’m just about to add my Binance stuff as the last part of my onboarding to Accointing.
I’ve added a few transactions manually, and want to know if I am heading for Duplicate trouble if I go ahead, or should I delete the few manual transactions I’ve already added, and just do a clean API connection import.

Anyone else with experience or an opinion about this would be welcome…

Thanks for a great product !!

Yes, the API now tracks fiat!!!
Please let us know if you notice any holes, as this is something Binance added to their API and Accointing incorporated!

Thanks @Matt , that’s great.

I’ll be giving it a try today and I’ll certainly let you guys know if I notice any holes :slight_smile:

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