Bibox API data only shows currency balance, but no transactions whatsoever

Hi, signed up with Bibox Exchange recently and created the API keys too, but it seems Accointing only receives or reads the currency balances from that API data. No import of deposit or order transactions, unfortunately, I had to enter all transactions manually so far - could you kindly check where the issue lies and resolve this?

I am assuming that the 3-month thing is not your issue?

Would you be willing to send us your API keys so that we can take a deeper look? If so please fill out this form :slight_smile:

Hi Matt,
the 3 months should not be an issue, correct, the account is only a couple of days old :wink:

No issue with sharing the API keys with IT support, could you provide me with a link to mentioned form or a mail address I can use to forward the keys?


Sorry that I forgot to add the link!

In the form please also leave a link to this post so that we have background context :slight_smile:

Thanks, Matt, much appreciated! Ticket created as requested :slight_smile:

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