Better Support For Swan Bitcoin CSV Import

My request is to provide better CSV file import support for Swan Bitcoin?

Currently only a “Accounting CSV Template” is offered for import of Swan Bitcoin transactions.
I did download my Swan the various account history CSV files [transactions (CSV) and Fees (CSV) and Transfers (CSV)] but it’s time-consuming re-formatting and merging to create a single “Accounting CSV Template” file.

I dit complete this merging/re-formatting task and it imported into Accounting fine, but given that Swan Bitcoin is a dollar cost averaging purchase service, new transaction history is always being created…

It would be much easier if (like with other Exchanges/Wallets) Accounting could be programmed to accept upload of the 3 x Swan Bitcoin CSV transactions files, and then automatically complete the reformatting and merging as part of the import.

I have copies of the 3 x example Swan Bitcoin CSV files, and the resulting ‘Accounting CSV Template’ file I could share if that would help you with the simple backend parser? Would save me from creating an Excel VB Macro to do it offline


Hi @crypto_dude ,
sorry for letting you wait.
@Alex surely knows more :slight_smile:


Please send us the file to and we can look into adding it :slight_smile:

All the best

I would also very much appreciate adding Swan bitcoin support.

To take the data from the three CSVs from Swan and paste it into to the Accointing template format is going to take hours to get myself up to date, and ongoing lengthy sessions in the future.

Thank you