Better filtering on the Full Data Sets page


It would be great if the filters were better on this page

I’d like to filter by classification, not just “classified” or “not classified”
2021-05-08 19_30_44-Window

I’d also like to filter by asset, e.g show me all ETH transactions (right now I have to enter ETH in Sold or Withdrawn, then in Bought or Deposited.

It would be great if all these dropdowns had check boxes next to each option so you don’t have to go through them each one by one. For instance show Type = [:white_check_mark:] Withdraw, [:white_check_mark:] Deposit, [:white_check_mark:] Internal

Many thanks

To filter by classifications use the search box:

To filter by asset, search here:

For the Selection box, please create a feature requst for users to vote on :slight_smile:

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