BETH profits not showing

I transferred some ETH to Beacon ETH. But Accointing has never shown profits on my BETH holdings.

Any reason for this?

Just to be clear, I’m not looking on the profit made from transferring ETH to BETH, I mean that ever since I transferred, the BETH unrealized profit box has always been empty.

Hey! I’m sorry to hear that. I’m going to need you to help me out with the following:

  1. Account details
  2. Screenshot of the error you received
  3. Wallet/Exchange you were using when you encountered this issue

Please send all of this to and we will try to help you out as quickly as possible.

Also having this issue. There needs to be a way of showing that my ETH has been converted into BETH whilst staking on Binance. What was the resolution on this? I see this was posted a month ago.

@Rod It looks like the issue with profits showing is due to lack of pricing or value for BETH on Accointing. I attached a snapshot of my short term exceptions generated by my tax report which shows “0” in the proceeds box. Is there a way to manually assign coin values?
Also, the reason BETH is showing up as “disposed” on the tax report is due to a transaction where I swapped BETH from Binance Chain (BEP2) to Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). A snapshot of that is also shown here. It’s my understanding that this does NOT constitute a sale. Can someone from Accointing please confirm? Thanks

On second thought, the manual transaction for swapping ETH to BETH triggers a sale of ETH, which is not accurate. How do we show the ETH as being staked and not disposed of?