Believe import of 2 airdrops(distinct IDs) with same timestamp not reflected in balance correctly

I imported a .xlsx for my Terra transactions. I noticed there is a " No purchase history for 419.155781 MINE Review purchase history …" error for a transaction (preceding sell order for MINE of 4216 MINE has no errors). However, only about 5 transactions before, there are two airdrop transactions for MINE (same timestamp, different IDs) with amounts (4245 MINE and 313042 MINE).

It’s pretty likely that the airdrop for 313042 MINE is not reflected in the internal purchase history. I’m guessing that the ingester does not like two airdrops of same currency of same timestamp (with distinct transaction IDs).

Though I can manually tweak timestamps or combine airdrops manually, I’m seeking a more automated solution (I author a website and would like to create accointing .xlsx for users.


This has been happening with internals. How many internals do you have going in and our of your wallet/exchange?

If you change the timestamps, does it fix it? We can put in a bug report if that is all it is.

I think this was user error on my part. Thanks. You can close it.

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