Being able to order Coins in different ways (eg profit, profit in %, 24h price change...)

"Currently it’s like this: Coin - Price / 24h Change - Value / 24h Change - Average purchase price - loss/profit - Loss / profit value

And ordered after total value in coin (which is a great standard setting!)


Being able to click on things and so that everything is ordered this way

Eg Order by:

Value held in this Coin

24h Price change of this coin

Loss/Profit Value

Loss/Profi Value in %"

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Yes this would be very helpful, i fully expected to be able to sort that information asc/desc


Yes, this would be very helpful. Most other sites / apps allow this functionality

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Profit per coin measured on a graph over time would be incredible - like the buy/sells on the Portfolio > Overview > Price area. Does this exist somewhere in the system?

Create a new feature request for this and get those votes :smiley: There is not graph right now, but if you click the specific coins, you can see more details about your investments :slight_smile: