Bad First Experience

Hi, signed up yesterday to a hobbyist plan after reading reviews. However, after spending an hour trying to use it, had to ask for a refund due to the number of small but annoying issues that drove me mad. Was simply going to walk away but, 24 hours later and calmer, thought I would log into here and ask if I am just really unlucky or am I missing something?
First, there’s talk of support for 300+ wallets and exchanges yet BitMax isn’t covered. This is not some new exchange that popped up last week. I think it is around the 20th on the Coinmarketcap list. Found this a surprise.
Second, given the first point, I started trying to enter the transactions from BitMax by using the downloaded Excel template. Spent about five minutes with this before realising that it was going to take more time than creating the transactions by hand! (Why isn’t the transactionType a fixed value for a start?) From here, went on to enter transactions manually and soon discovered that any click outside of the popup would cause it to close with the loss of any data entered! When you are trying to copy and paste values from one page to another, this quickly became infuriating. Having successfully entered about 8 transactions, I then (somehow) clicked out of the transactions page and managed to lose all of them. This was my fault but don’t understand why the transactions are not saved as they are entered?
This brought me to my third point, support. Decided to try and raise a support ticket about the popup closing whenever clicking outside of it. This is when I found out that there are two separate support sites, this one and an actual support ticket system. Clicking on “Report an issue” doesn’t even take you to the support ticket system but to this forum where you have to create a separate login. You have to click on “Help” to raise a ticket which requires yet another account creation! Surely reporting an issue should just raise a support ticket and why do we need 3 separate logins?
Anyway, rant over. Would appreciate any feedback from the community…

Hi Isaac! First of all, I’m really sorry to hear about your experience. It’s quite unfortunate that this was your first experience with us as I understand the difficulties of adding your transactions. I will translate your frustration to our team. Second of all, we can definitely process that refund. We support a lot of exchanges and wallets and we currently are the platform with the most amount of connections available to ACCURATELY calculate your taxes. Some exchanges are more requested than others and we prioritize their integration based on a voting mechanism. We do this to make sure that we help the entire Community efficiently. BitMax, unfortunately, is not one of our most requested exchanges and wallets (Wallets/Exchanges - Accointing Community Board). At the end of the day, what matters now because of all your efforts on is that you get the desired output. I don’t know if you have seen this resource already but I really hope it helps you get a better sense of’s features and it helps you change your mind on what can do for you. If you’d still like to move forward with your refund, please contact, and we will address that ASAP.