Average buy price differant between web & app

All my average buy prices are slightly differant between the web interface & the mobile app.

I logged out of the app & logged back in but still differant.

Hi! Could you provide more information about this, please?

Hi Rod,

I set up an Accointing account on my laptop & imported all my trades via the web interface. I then logged into my account via the accointing phone app & the average prices are all slightly different.

My portfolio balance is 1% different between the web browser & app. Both are logged into the same accointing account.

Ok, it just now reconciled correctly and all average prices are the same between web & app.

The only other issue I have is I bought MATIC on Binance and the transaction has listed itself twice when syncing via the API, therefore doubling my quantity.

Is there a way to delete 1 transaction when it is synced via the API?

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just classify one of the 2 transaction as ignored.