Auto Detect Duplicate Transactions in the Review

Vote for this if you would like to see Accointing to auto-detect duplicate transactions and then in the Review section have another tab for you to easily choose to approve the duplicate or classify it as ignore.

This would help solve part of the following issues:

  1. Duplicate transactions, portafolio
  2. Automatically detect/reconcile duplicate transactions based on txid
  3. API - Import Duplicate Transactions
  4. Duplicate Transactions When Both Coinbase and Coinbase Pro are Used
  5. Semi-Duplicate Transactions on Coinbase Import (all involve XLM)

In Coinbase all orders are duplicated ,they are from unknow sender
This is an big issues with Coinbase live because we need everytime they search and ignore.

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Do these articles help explain the issue?

Coinbase Live has work perfectly but now this is second time when appear this duplicates ,the date and the received amount are the same,the order is ok but the duplicate is a deposit from unknow to coinbase

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I vote yes - it is crazy hard to create a new spreadsheet to add new tranactions, and then for whatever reason (??) it does not import

Exactly, this sucks and has to be fixed ASAP.

I understand the voting system for quality of life things like new features and new blockchains, but IMO this should be a core part of verifying data integrity and shouldn’t require a community effort to implement.


I just logged into my account to execute a strategy for tax loss harvesting before year end. I refreshed all my API’s and expected about 5 minutes worth of work to classify any new transactions. To my horror, I watched my entire account blow up and duplicate random transactions.

Affected exchanges:

I have been diligent in keeping my account very clean. I classify items on a timely basis, and write myself detailed notes so that I know exactly what happened just in case there would be a tax audit in the future. I have spent hundreds of hours on this. I will be UNIMAGINABLY ANGRY if this is all wasted.

I don’t think Accointing realizes how big this is. If I can’t make heads nor tales out of my transaction history, I then cannot execute a tax-loss harvesting strategy before leaving for the holidays, then Accointing’s “bug” will have cost me many thousands of dollars in DAMAGES. That deadline is New Years.

This is what a RESPONSIBLE company would do:

  1. Acknowledge the bug.
  2. Realize this is REALLY REALLY BIG and get all hands on deck from a technical resources standpoint.
  3. Put a warning on the main site so that people don’t inadvertently hit the wallet refresh buttons and blow up their accounts. Tell them to wait until the bug is fixed, or whatever is an appropriate action.
  4. Provide general description of root cause to the users.
  5. Provide rough timeline for a fix.
  6. Provide detailed instructions on what to do or not to do in the meantime. This includes updated instructions once the bug is fixed so everyone can check and reconcile their accounts.

Times like this define a company for good or for worse. Accointing…how are you going to define yourself?

I am experiencing duplicates as well. I detected them between Coinbase and Coinbase Pro, but I guess there might be many more since the total profits shown for the year is much higher as it should be.
How can I be sure that the tax report for 2021 that I will present is not making me pay thousands of Euros more than I should?
I have spent SO MANY hours within Accointing trying to clean messes! It’s a never ending story (each time that I refresh APIs from wallets/exchanges I can expect countless hours reparing things)

Have you got a recommendation for alternative crypto tax software? Getting sick and tired of ongoing issues with Accointing…