Auto Detect Duplicate Transactions in the Review

Vote for this if you would like to see Accointing to auto-detect duplicate transactions and then in the Review section have another tab for you to easily choose to approve the duplicate or classify it as ignore.

This would help solve part of the following issues:

  1. Duplicate transactions, portafolio
  2. Automatically detect/reconcile duplicate transactions based on txid
  3. API - Import Duplicate Transactions
  4. Duplicate Transactions When Both Coinbase and Coinbase Pro are Used
  5. Semi-Duplicate Transactions on Coinbase Import (all involve XLM)

In Coinbase all orders are duplicated ,they are from unknow sender
This is an big issues with Coinbase live because we need everytime they search and ignore.

Do these articles help explain the issue?

Coinbase Live has work perfectly but now this is second time when appear this duplicates ,the date and the received amount are the same,the order is ok but the duplicate is a deposit from unknow to coinbase

I vote yes - it is crazy hard to create a new spreadsheet to add new tranactions, and then for whatever reason (??) it does not import