At the review of classification you are not able to select internal transfer

You are not able to select a “transfer” @ the review of classification.

Hi @onono! Could you clarify this further please?

At the review step 3: missing classification:

For example: I have a deposit to a wallet or exchange.

I cannot classify the transcation as internal transfer between two of my wallets or exchanges and enter the wallet/exchange it came from.

You should be able to see that in the Step 2: Identify Internals Accointing - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking & Tax Software

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I have the same Problem. I want to clarify 2 Transactions as Internal. When I do that in the Full Data Set it sends me to the Review Page, without changing the Status for the transaction. And in Step 3 I can’t change the status to internal. I have a few of them which are not recognized (although the Amount is the same.)

do the timestamps match as well?

Yes they match as well

and they are not appearing here?

I’m having the same problem. Same time, same TxID and it’s not recognizing it and I can seem to change it. I’ve used Koinly also and they have a merge button to reconcile what is obviously the a transfer from a wallet to another.

Are solutions ever posted by the staff, or do they just ask obvious questions about if people followed instructions correctly or not? This question was posted over a month ago; I’m finding tech support questions all over this forum that are never resolved by the staff.

It’s very frustrating. Especially, because this is one of the main reasons you actually use the software.

Yep I totally share your problems. I’m finding manual reclassification to internals a real pain. I think it’s something to do with the API not exposing enough info for Accointing to automate the process. Checking a CSV export from my Coinbase Pro account there are no transaction hashes for internal transfers, which might have something to do with it.

As Rod suggests the Identify internals page is good. But I’ve noticed some limitations

  • The transactions listed on the identify internals page do not show a full time stamp. It just shows the date, not hours or minutes. I frequently have multiple transactions on the same day for the same coin, for the same amount.
  • When this happens Accointing shows a drop down list titled ‘We found multiple matches, please select the correct one’, allowing the user to choose. But without a detailed timestamp I think it is possible to create an internal transaction for the wrong transaction pair. For example: pairing a withdrawal which happened in the morning with a deposit which happened in the evening, and pairing the withdrawal in the evening with the deposit in the morning. No idea if this could cause any knock on problems.

If the API exposes the hours/minutes/seconds for each transaction then it would be really, really great if:
a) Accointing could show a more detailed timestamp on the drop-down list
b) and even better pre-sort every transaction into pairs ready for the user to approve. Scrap the dropdown list. If two transfers are taking place between exchanges for the same coin, the same amount, within fractions of a second of each other then it can’t really be anything other than internal.

This would make the approval process a lot faster, easier and more accurate.


Same problem as well! I’ve used this and CoinTracker in parallel, and the CoinBase, CoinBasePro inter and intra entries are identified correctly by CoinTracker.

They’re obviously aware of the problem but this is who they are. It is what it is.

Hey guys, there are plans to make internals a little bit easier, if you vote for this post, it will encourage us to get this done fast. Thanks again!
In the meantime, try to edit the times of the internal transactions to be a minute or 2 apart from each other.

In the meantime, read this for internals :slight_smile: Troubleshooting: Internal Transactions - Accointing Blog - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking & tax Software

Without this function tax records will nor be accurate. This is a basic function that any accounting software should have.

I dont’t know what’s the point with the 6 hour window. Withdrawls from some exchanges take longer than 6 hours.

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Thats true. Got the same issue for different transactions that took longer then 6hrs. Especially tokens that are based on a slow blockchain. It even get worse if such transactions need a high verification count in addition. Those TX can take 24, or even 48hrs in rare cases, to complete.

Giving a vote, because I ran into the same issue multiple times. The Identify internal transfer system should be smarter, and|or the timeframe should be defineable by the user (filter), instead of having a hardcoded 6h window.

If your internal transactions are taking longer than 6 hours, then you can edit the time in the data set :slight_smile:
If you would like to see this extended, please create a feature request :slight_smile:

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What a nasty workaround @Matt . But I like the creativity behind it. :+1:

Problem: “The automatic assignment feature only has a 6h window.

Solution: “Let’s change the correct times of the transactions so that they fit the feature instead of improving the feature. Excellent!

NASA style, :rocket:

By the way: You already know that we are obliged to submit a correct transaction history in the event of a “detailed” tax audit (in most countries). That also includes the times.

Yes, I think your suggestion to create this as a separate feature request could help. If @JohnnyFlash does’nt, or no one else is doing it, maybe I’ll put it on then.

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