Assign transaction to wallet instead of improrting csv

I’d like to avoid importing transactions from csv files into a wallet. When moving coins from an exchange to my wallet, the system already has that transaction because I imported that from an exchange connection. The system treats the money from that transaction as vanished.
In full data set, I’d like to have an option to mark a transaction as “moved to wallet”

I would be best to allow to assign an address to any wallet, not just a wallet with blockchain parsing.
The the system would assign all transaction with that address to that wallet.

Hi @Paulito! Is it possible that you elaborate a little bit further on your idea, please?

You can see the address on the image attached. That address is not used by the system.
When I try to add new PIVX wallet, there is only an option to add CSV files. That would take few hours to make and it would be work for nothing because the transactions are already improrted via exchange import.
When adding new wallet, I’d like to enter on the wallet address, the system should be able to find the correct transactions using that address.

Hey @Paulito,

Based on your message, it seems like you are asking for us to Import PIVX automatically via the wallet address like we do for BTC or ETH etc. Sadly this is not possible due to the privacy features of PIVX. The only way to integrate it currently is via the manual import.

No, I don’t think that it.
I need to assign already imported thansactions. It doesn’t matter it it’s PIVX or something else. The wallet address is known as shown on the image.

  1. option to “import” transactions belonging to some addreses to an empty wallet I created
  2. allow to choose some transaction in full data set and add a command “add selected transaction to a wallet”