APY Finance token problems

Hi there, i have a problem with the APY finance token, no info shows up for it on the desktop version at all its disappeared but it shows up on the Mobile app but with no info if its up or down or profit and loss. its picking it up from my trust wallet and other things are fine.

Thanks fantastic Accointing people :slight_smile:

Hi @cryptobliss13! Let us take a look at it. It seems to be working for us, but we will double check:

Hi Rod its so odd as it shows up in my wallet and on desktop in wallet section but not on the coin list page and then on mobile its on everything with no data.
its in a trust wallet!

Hey @cryptobliss13 ! Apparently the dev team is looking at it already. It is a known issue. We will take a deeper look and get back to you on it.

Hey all i can ask. you guys continue to just be awesome.
on another note I just hope nexo sort there lives out for exchanges as my portfolio is all so wrong with them and i cant put in exchanges as data manually.
hope they sort it so you can.
thanks again.

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