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I can view my transactions for my ETH but when I look at my Bitcoin or lite coin the app tells me to “go back and add first transaction “. It has lots of transactions… so what do I need to do?

I too have the same problem using the mobile app. What i found for me is that i can look at the transaction history for the first coin i try, but all other coins have no transactions. If i force close the app i am able to see the transactions of a different coin. As long as the coin is the first to be tried it’ll work but all others needs an app restart to work. This is obviously a bug that needs to be fixed but that is the current work around.

Hey @Peacefuldavid can you please send some screenshots of your issue?


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@Peacefuldavid is this still an issue?

Yes, just verified that it still is an issue. The steps to recreate the problem are still the same… view the transactions of one coin then all other coin’s transactions are missing until the app restarts.

I’m using the latest public beta of iOS 14.6 if that helps at all.

I will create a bug report, thank you so much!

@Peacefuldavid is this still an issue?


I also have this issue. App version 3.2.5

Hey guys, we are still working on a fix! Sorry for the delay!

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Hey, guysm am I good to close this post?