Android app issues

Hi, the Android app keeps saying connection error on refresh and it has changed from my default currency (GBP) to USD and I can’t seem to change it back. I can select GBP in settings but when I go back to the portfolio overview it is still displaying everything in USD and this is also reflected in the settings.

Can someone look into this please? Thanks!

Also on portfolio view the circle graph at the top doesn’t display correctly. In reality and in the list below correctly, my top 4 take up about 50% of my portfolio and the remaining 30 (white) take up the other 50%.

Yet, the circle shows the top four taking up 90+%. The white “other” , while being 50% of the portfolio, only gets a small sliver in the circle graph. It is as if it is only considering the top-most ‘other’ then drawing the graph based on those 5 assets only.

Thank you,

Hey guys! Has this been fixed for you already? Please let us know so we can prioritize this for next week.

Hey Rod, the currency issue seems to hav been fixed for me in one of the last updates. All good now, thanks!

Are we good to close this topic then? :slight_smile:

Yes please, thank you!

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