Almost 100 transactions became unclassified back to 2020

Seriously, what is happening here? I open accointing today to find almost 100 transactions magically became unclassifed going all the way back to 2020. What happened here Accointing???!!!

There are many problems with data integrity on Accointing. Scary! A back-up system is desperately needed

Yes, happened to me too.

I got a load of ‘missing fund’ errors on Coinbase.

Do we just wait for Accointing to correct the error on the system that causes these errors?

Or do we just force them through with the ‘Fix For Me’ button?

Hey guys which wallet/exchanges are you having issues with? Please check your full data sets for duplicates, we had an issue with that, but were able to solve most of them.

With the recent update all my Coinbase Pro cash transactions are now missing. What happened?

No @Matt, you were most certainly not able to solve anything. The duplicates keep coming back. How can we get a refund on this product? I paid for the trader plan expecting a pro-level software. This is nowhere near that.

If you would like a refund, please email
We are aware of an issue with Coinbase pro, is anyone else having an issue with any other exchange?

Would you be willing to also email us your read-only API for any exchanges with duplicate errors?