Allow users to select specific tax lots for selling tokens

The FIFO or LIFO options given by Accointing aren’t great. If I have to pay ETH fees for a transaction and bought ETH at $200 then your FIFO system makes me declare a huge gain. If I choose LIFO then I’ll get hit with short term gains when exiting a position.

Etrade allows users to click a drop down box from any position and it shows when a security was bought and how many shares. My suggestion… Accointing needs the same thing, where users can click a certain token and a drop down shows us all the purchases and then allows us to choose which specific tokens we’d like to be considered sold for taxes. I want to choose the highest cost basis that’s considered long term gains.

Your system doesn’t allow for that now. If I choose FIFO it takes the lowest cost basis purchase and forces me to eat taxes. Allow us to choose the highest cost basis purchase that’s been held over one year.

Allow us to choose specific lots of tokens for tax purposes!!!