Allow to select the Longterm / Shortterm cut manually (1y, 2y,...) and the financial year

“Tax laws differ in the (a) timing of the financial year and (b) the minimum holding period to quality for capital gains taxes (e.g., Costa Rica’s financial year is Oct-Sep and in Colombia the minimum holding period is 2 years). Could you add a configurable option for calculating tax returns to enable users to adjust these parameters?”


would be really helpful for someone like me who moves quite frequently and therefore has to file taxes in different countries

Hi @StepDrago These are very good suggestions and we will take them into consideration. For now, I would do the following:

  1. Import all your transactions for the ENTIRE tax year.
  2. Go to your Full Data Set and export your Full History
  3. Delete all data that you had before to avoid duplicates
  4. Go to the CSV file and leave all those transactions that you want for Year 1 Part 1.
  5. Click on Save As and name it accordingly (say ACCOINTING Taxes 2020 Germany)
  6. Open the Full Data History File again and now delete all the transactions from Year 1 Part 1
  7. Click on Save As and name it accordingly (say ACCOINTING Taxes 2020 Costa Rica)
  8. Go to and upload them separately (Wallets ->Add Wallet->Search->ACCOINTING and choose ACCOINTING

  9. Upload one file first (say ACCOINTING Taxes 2020 Germany)
  10. Go to Tax Report and Generate your tax report
  11. Delete that file and upload the next one
  12. Upload the second file (say ACCOINTING Taxes 2020 Costa Rica)
  13. Go to Tax Report Page and print out that report
  14. Delete everything and import the FULL HISTORY file in order to keep tracking all your transactions
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thanks, sounds like a feasible work-around. however, an in-app selecting option would even be nicer… hopefully somewhere down the line


This feature is also interesting for me, I would like to configure 6 months for the longterm/shorterm cut.

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Agree. Hopefully, we get enough votes to move it faster in the pipeline. We want to implement things that generate the biggest impact on the community.

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I tried to follow your suggestion, however, when I try to import the CSF file, it already stops with the second screen, as it is not possible for some wallets to assign neither “other exchange” nor “other private wallet”, since the drop-down menu remains red when I pick either of those, therefore It’s nor possible to save and progress.

I did it with a trial account as I’m not sure what would happen if I deleted all the data I uploaded with a lot of small detail work, as some bookings did not fully work with the APIs. If I deleted everything, would it then later not come to duplications or errors? so this work around might work with only a few transactions, however with more than 2500 it might be too tricky…

Hey! I’m sorry to hear that. Would you mind sending some screenshots of the error messages you’re getting with the dropdown please at explaining your situation and what you’re trying to do. We can’t guarantee anything, but we will try to provide you a viable solution or a concrete resolution via support.

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We have custom dates now when printing a tax report


More information here: Creating Time-Based Crypto Tax Reports with - Accointing Blog - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking & tax Software