Allow Date display format in Web UI to be configurable to suit locale

Currently when viewing transactions in my wallet in the web interface, dates are displayed in the format MM/DD/YY, which would be fine if I lived in the US where that is common, but in Australia and a number of other countries, the standard date format is DD/MM/YY.

It is very easy to get confused when reading dates that aren’t in your local format.

Another format is YYYY-MM-DD, that is clear to most people.

A compromise format is the DD-MMM-YY format, which is clear to everyone.

If we can select between all four formats in our user profile/preferences then you get a gold star :smile:

Thank you for the suggestion!

Related to this topic that time formats are also really confusing.

An order dialog supporting 24 hour format would be more convinient. Also whereever a date is required or displayed it should be clear if it’s UTC or some local time, Accointing unfortunately is very confusing around dates and times.

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I added that to the suggestion box, thank you guys :slight_smile: