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Hi total newbie here. I connected my pro-plan via binance API a few months ago and catagorized all transactions ahead of submitting to Accountant.

Attempted again today but the data had not updated (my portfolio etc. was all as was on my previous visit and had not updated at all).

I attempted to pull report, zip file was empty.

I, in settings, deleted the data as it was all horrifically out of date and deleted my binance API and reset everything.

Portfolio now looks correct however when I went to classify transactions no data is showing.

Please advise, I was warned against using (and certainly paying for) this service by my accountant and I’d hate for him to be proven right.


Please click refresh and tell me if you have your Binance data now displayed in your full data set?

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Just curious, what did your accountant suggest instead of this service?

After multiple attempts I appeared to randomly manage to return a populated form.

My business partner is still unable to compile a report, and yes we refreshed the exchange data.

I also replied to the email that you sent me believing it to be a private exchange so was pretty bewildered to see it auto post here publicly.

You have my sign in details please contact me directly and privately so we can resolve these fundamental issues or arrange a refund.

Many thanks,

No problem Nick, we can talk privately here instead of on the public community board.

As a side note, we do not know your sign-in details to keep customer privacy.
Yes, you receive an email copy as a notification on your email and if you reply with your email, it does reply on the community board.

Can you explain why we routinely failed to produce populated documentation?

Please describe a full process to achieving a compliant tax return result from start to finish, your online instructions are not sufficient.


Import your data.
Classify your data.
Go through the Review tab.
Go to taxes and clip report. (Paid plan)
Select timeline and print your report.

Can you please attach a screenshot of the error you are getting?
Did you submit a ticket with the link I sent you earlier?

Hey @Nick1 how many transactions do you have? If you have more than 50k then that can cause the issue as our server cannot handle more than 50 transactions per account.

On my personal account definitely.

Is there a way to do a quarterly or bi-monthly report?


For sure, just select the dates you need :smiley:

Ok. Do issues were with quantity and we can resolve this by simply reporting kore frequently.

Thank you Matt, you’ve been really helpful.


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Glad I could help!
Am I able to close the post?

Close away.


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