Airdrops/reflection transactions breaking pricing model

Despite few major transactions, I’m now getting an alert that I’ve exceeded the transactions in my pricing tier and I realize this is due to coins with hourly airdrops/reflections.

With the growing number of these coins, the pricing tier based on number of transactions just doesn’t make sense.

If this is not addressed, I’m going to have to seek a refund and take my business to a competitor that doesn’t limit transactions.

At this time, the pricing structure of Accointing charges by transactions regardless of their value with the Pro plan, able to go up to 50000 transactions.

I understand the current model. What I am telling you is that no average user will pay $300 a year for a the top tier plan that itself isn’t even unlimited. As modern cryptocurrency tokens can execute multiple air-drop transactions every day, without any action by the wallet holder, holding even one or two of these cryptocurrencies for any length of time without any active trading rapidly makes your pricing model unworkable.

From your response it sounds like Accointing is not interested in solving this problem, so I will start looking into other more adaptable and reasonably priced platforms.

Thank you for the feedback. Our team is always looking to improve the platform to meet our customer’s needs. I will send your feedback to our team. :slight_smile:

I couldn’t agree more. Consider ALGO staking. You will end up with up to 365 transactions a year from this one source. The cost of Accointing to cover these transactions alone will cost more than the entire amount I have staked. Prior to this predicament, I would have been happy to pay for the proper plan. The jump up to cover these transactions just doesn’t make sense.

I apologies, however, this is our stance. Small and large transactions take up the same amount of space on our database. Therefore we charge per transaction, not based on the value of coins or transactions.