Adding kucoin to accointing - ip address wanted

accointing wants ip address added as part of connection… I can’t find an ip address which works… please help… I tried adding my own ip address and also ip address: which seems to be associated with
but I need help please… those ip addresses didn’t enable the connection to my kucoin account… thanks…

Accointing does not have a video for KuCoin at the moment, but does this video help?

Accointing does not require an IP address, but an API Key.

you are right… it doesn’t want ip address… I must have confused the kucoin process with some other process…
but it wants csv file of kucoin transaction history… I am having trouble generating such a file from within kucoin… so far accointing hasn’t liked the ones I have tried… can you help with that? thanks so much!

actually it was during API creation in Kucoin that the ip address was requested and I couldn’t figure out where to get it… see attached screenshot…


I personally use no IP Restrictions, let me ask support and get back to you about an IP you may be able to use. Thank you :slight_smile:

As for a CSV download our template and you may need to reformat it to match Accointing’s format.
I would recommend API though :slight_smile: That way it also will track all future trades.

ok Matt… thanks so much… this time I tried the “not recommended” option of creating the API key with no ip address restrictions and finally accointing is happy adding kucoin to my exchanges… so I will be happy with that… if they do come back with a suggested ip address let me know… the language is confusing because it sounds like the ip address will be “restricted” rather than whitelisted so I remain confused about kucoins api key creation intentions… but oh well… not the first or last time I’ve been confused… thanks again… cameron
any ideas how to add voyager or robinhood to accointing?

For voyager, is it just a voyager wallet? If so just copy and paste your public address :slight_smile:

To add your Robinhood transactions, download the CSV export of your transactions and import it.

To download your Robinhood transaction history as a CSV:

  1. On Robinhood, click on Tax Documents
  2. Select Year (e.g. 2020) - Robinhood Crypto 1099 (CSV)
  3. Select Download CSV
  4. Upload your CSV file
  5. Then upload your file to Accointing. When you do, download the template and make sure to reformat the Robinhood date to match Accointing’s Data.

Thanks so much dude… for now I’ll just keep voyager and robinhood separate… maybe will add later… meanwhile I really like accointing… getting to know it…

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Am I good to close the topic?

I think the original question by Cameronpowers still hasn’t been answered. If one wants to protect one‘s api access for another level of security (as suggested by many exhchanges) we’d need to know which IP Accointing uses too access it.

Please advise.

I talked to our support team, at this time we do not support a specific IP. We suggest using a no ip limit.

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