Adding KuCoin _ API error

I’m trying to add my KuCoin wallet (with transactions only in 2021). I’ve created the API on KuCoin. Accointing is forcing me upload a csv of my transaction history. I’ve downloaded my transaction history from KuCoin. When I try to upload it I get the red error box at the top of the screen saying, “Something went wrong”. Please assist.

same has happened to me this past week. only 2021 transactions required and the API doesn’t seem to connect. any help is appreciated!

For KuCoin, this is the only thing required for API for 2021 transactions:

I personally use the No to Ip restrictions for the Accointing API.

I assume you did this:

Then when it requests for a CSV files, simply hit Finish without uploading one and you are good :slight_smile:

Then you are done :slight_smile:

Thank you. Unfortunately, when I click Finish I still get the red error box even if I don’t upload the file. Any other thoughts? Many thanks.

Can you please send a screenshot of the red error box?
Can you try uploading like any csv file for fake data to delete later? If you have to find any work around for it, let me know, but it should work with the steps I provided above, otherwise I will have to submit a bug report.

Hello. I’m not clever enough to manipulate a .csv for testing purposes, but here is a screenshot of the error I’ve been continually getting. Any help is appreciated!

this was after i simply added the API information, no date, and selected “finish” before adding a .csv file

Hey! Can you try adding the TradeHistory.CSV file provided by KuCoin and see if that works for you. Let us know please.

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Good idea, then he could simply delete the sample data after uploading.

If you need help finding where to download the Template, simply click here and click

You may need to create a fake wallet if all your current ones are all connected via API. You can always delete it later.

I’ve requested the “Accointing specific” file from Kucoin (which i assume is the TradeHistory.csv). No response yet. I’ve manually transferred the trade history cvs that i can pull myself into the accointing template with moderate success. the “wallet” is dramatically overvalued at the moment in my accointing portfolio. using market orders appears to dramatically increase the complexity of these ledgers, as one transaction is broken out into many lines, assuming at the prices each “bit” of the order was filled.

what’s interesting is that i managed all the transactions in exactly the same manner, so i’m not sure why some assets have been imported incorrectly. API integration would be amazing!

Any ideas where i should go from here? Any and all help is much appreciated!

I’m still getting the red box as shown above when I use a date on the first page, when I don’t use a date on the first page and when I attach a csv with and without a date on the first page. Appreciate your help.

hey @princety.89, API for Kucoin is already available, I am using it as we speak. Just @michasp is getting an error when trying to connect it, the problem is that I cannot recreate the issue.

well, i tried again today and everything seems to have orked great! not sure what happened, but the API imported everything and it all looks pretty good! thanks for the help

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