Adding Daedalus Wallet for Cardano ADA

Hi there, it would really be great if you could add the Cardano ADA Daedalus wallet for an easy API connect.

Would love this too. Especially for the staking rewards. Currently the staking rewards have to me added manually


Guys, I bought ADA from Kraken. Transfered to Ledger through Deadlus wallet. I added these transactions in Cardano wallet in Accointing. It is able to retrieve info about amount/transaction from De.adlus wallet. But it says receiving from Unknown. Same problem from Kraken. It says sending to unknown, How to solve this problem?


Fixed this yet? Try making sure the times are exactly the same for the withdraw and the deposit. Sometimes that automatically connects the 2. Also the withdrawal fee - Make sure the withdraw amount is the amount after the fee, or maybe it’s the amount including the fee, try both anyway


In Daedalus wallet I went to:
More > Settings > Wallet public key > copy

In Accointing I went to:
Wallets > Add Wallets > Cardano
Then I added the wallet address.

The error message is a red dropdown that says “Something went wrong.”

Has this wallet import been flagged for a fix? Does this import work with other ADA wallet addresses?


I also need accointing to develop compatibility with the Daedalus wallet for Cardano. It would be nice if steaking rewards were automatically tracked as they are earned in the wallet. Thank you.

I am encountering the same issue.

Same issue with Yoroi Wallet

The deadlus wallet now displays the public address. I trued connecting to accounting with that ,its gives an erroensaying invalid address.

Can you please try adding your Cardano addresses again? They should be working now.


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Just tried this, didn’t work. The wallet was added, but no transactions show and no balance in $ or in ada

Even I tried it , and it doesn’t work.

As per my understanding the public address from deadlus doesn’t pull anything yet. When I paste that public address into the cardano explorer it comes as invalid address.

Can someone also check and confirm this.

What I did in accounting is added each receive address manually to pull the ada balance.

Hi, I just created a Cardano wallet and pasted in my public key. The Wallet appears now in my wallet page but it hasn´t imported any transaction (therefore it looks empty).

Would really appreciate if you guys could have a look at this and /or give me some guidance.

Thanks in advance!


I have the same issue, what am I doing wrong ? The connection seems good but the transaction history is not synced …

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Please vote here for Daedalus Wallet Integration on Accointing: Add ADA Daedalus Wallet
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Thanks Matt,

problem is I have used my votes for Swissborg.

Could you reset my limit please?

thanks in advance!


We do not reset votes, you need to take your votes off. You can see what all you have voted for.

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