Adding Cardano Wallet, Yoroi, multiple receive addresses

I have yoroi wallet and want to add it to Accointing. After some trial and error, i figured out that i needed to use the “used” addresses listed in the “receive” section of the yoroi wallet. I used 4 “generated” addresses within yoroi, and they are numbered, /0, /1, /2, and /3. The public addresses start with addr1…
The very first address added to accointing, /0 show’s a “-‘ or a zero balance in accointing. But the other 3 addresses, /1, /2, /3 show the ada i transferred to the wallet in accointing. When i check the transactions for the 3 addresses, they show the deposited transaction.
For address /0 there are 2 transactions, the deposit, and then a withdrawl the next day. But i did not do a withdrawl, i think I staked it the next day. How do i fix this?

After thinking about it, i don’t think i staked any Ada the next day. It was a few weeks later. But i did not withdraw the ADA. Not sure why accointing thinks i withdrew the ADA from my yoroi wallet the next day for the /0 address.

I look at the transaction list. The /0 addressed was my very first deposit into the yoroi wallet. There are 3 transaction listed the next day titled “intrawallet”, with all the same amount of 0.00000.

This is a Shelley-Era wallet

I asked the yoroi telegram for help and this is what they said.

This is the link,

Yes, @eulogio we do not have support for Yoroi at this moment.
Please see more and vote here :slight_smile:

Feel free to comment as well :slight_smile:

Also, thank you very much for sharing, I have sent this to our tech team as they look to see if we can add Yorio auto-tracking support :smiley:

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