Added Wallet often doesnt show up the Name in the Transaction List

I added this account (A Nano Wallet) to my Account Wallets.
This happens quiet often, also with other Wallets… for some reason the accointing App doesnt recoginze it in the transactionlist. (There is no name under the Wallet Address)

It might also the reason why this transaction then doenst count as internal.

Please see this article:

Sry, no thats not what i meant.

Look at this screenshot from the overall transactions list.

There are two rows with transactions. On the top row there is a wallet “nano_39wd…” and on the second row its “NANO Mobile”… Both are the same wallet. I wonder why the top row doesnt show “NANO Mobile” aswell.

Did you send NANO from your NANO Mobile wallet to your NANO Bank3 wallet?

If this is the case, then please follow the steps in the above article and we can make it appear how you wish.