Add the ability to Assign one Transaction to Multiple Coins


I did and IDO. I was able to spend 80$ for the I get to Token 50/50 SIDUS at price for 0,0018 and SENAT for 0,18. I can claim the Token in 10 times. Yesterday first 10% next 9 month each month 10%. As this is not possible the reflect in the accointing system I add both token manually. I add all token instead of 10% each month with the start price which shows me now the correct value. But I’m not able to assign the 80$ to 2 Token I can only choose one. It would be great if it is possible to assign a payment in the IDO case to different token because this is not unusual.

Can you please send me the CoinMarketCap link to the coin(s) you are transacting?
Which wallet or exchange are you using for this?

What is an IDO, are you talking about an ICO?

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The coins are SIDUS & SENAT

I also have some other issue with this. As wrote before I add both token manualy with date of order which i set 1 sec before it was tradeable on gate.I’m which was the first exchange where token was able to trade. The iPhone app shows the correct value. Web GUI shows each token as 0. But overall portfolio value is correct.

You can see the IDO on They call it IDO I don‘t know if ICO is sonmething different or just an other word for it.

Instead of putting in 1 transaction for $80 for the 2 coins, can you just put it in 2 transactions?

Can you please take a look at CoinMarketCap at the time that you received the coins? Did we get your cost basis based on the fair market value of the coin at the time it was received? And the current price shown should match what it says on CMC.

Hi Matt,

I ignored the order from API split it add it manual and asigned to both token as ICO. Now everything looks good. But if accounting would allow to assign to or more token to a withdrawal everything would be much easier.

Thank you.

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