Add perpetual futures for FTX

Is it possible to implement perps contracts to your FTX API

Would also find that very helpful. In addition some fixed-date futures are not recognized for me and for margin short positions it is desplayed as a deposit and selling of coin


yes. please add all of these capabilities that coder 89 is talking about to accointing. it’ll make it the top accounting app


Please add Futures Contracts to FTX


Dear all,
as a Trader, i also sometimes trade Futures or Perpetuals on FTX.
This Data would be available via the FTX API, but the it looks like Accointing is not Matching any PERPS.
Please also add perps so that i am able to Track my Win/Losses for them also via Accointing.

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Liebe Community,
Als Trader ist es üblich auch mal Futures oder PERPS zu handeln auf FTX.
Die Daten dafür wären via API Verfügbar werden aber von Accointing wohl nicht angezapft.
Bitte Votet dafür dass Future und PERPS aufgenommen werden damit auch hier alles mitprotokolliert wird was an Gewinnen und Verlusten anfällt.
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FTX does not send their Futures data through their API, that is why this data is not aviable.

What is that Section in the API Documentation then for?

Futures – API Documentation (

Thank you for the link, I will talk to the appropriate people and get back to you.

Hi there,

perhaps I’ missing something out. I’m also trading futures on FTX - and all data is imported: margin wins, margin losses, margin fees and funding fees. So far I cannot see any mistake, API import seems alright for me.


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Thanks for mention that.
In the past this was not the case!
I will check that and come back.

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Hey guys, I talked with the tech team and they said to prioritize updates, please rack up those votes.

Hey! Thanks for the feedback! In, we work based on a voting mechanism: the more upvotes your feature requests has, the faster it moves in our development pipeline. Hopefully, you’ll get enough upvotes from this community to have it implemented.

Leaving this reference as to my findings here, maybe its useful.

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Hello, could someone from the team tell us if the implementation for perps to the FTX API is coming soon?

Keep voting :slight_smile:

Currently, our system does not support futures and leverage trading, we are looking into our options now :slight_smile:

Well … it does. At least for me everything works okay. The integration of FTX is fine. Don’t really get, what the problem is.

This feed is for voting for adding auto-tracking your Perpetual Futures on FTX. The issue we have for integrating futures is that we do not have a way to represent leverage trading.