Add Pancake LPs

Is it possible for you to add this Pancake staking Token for you as well?

  • Pancake LPs
  • Binance-Peg BUSD-T

For BUSD-T I have asked this to be added, too. USDT on Binance Smart Chain missing (Binance-Peg BUSD-T)

It appears it won’t be added, because it is not on CoinMarketCap. Which of course it is not, be cause it is USDT, just wrapped.

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That would indeed be sad. Maybe Accointing support / dev team could give an overview how to handle this in Accointing.

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Any wrapped coin will have the same value as the original coin, so in accointing just specify that coin as the original coin.

As for any LP tokens… they should all be ignored since there isn’t a way to get their value. Instead handle the transfers in and out of the liquidity pool as followed in the blog post below.


Thanks for your reply, I will try this as soon as my Pancake Test is finished :+1:
Just to make sure this approach would work for what Pancake calls Farms and Pools, right?

Pancake LPs already added

For Binance-Peg BUSD-T, it sounds like it is just wrapped USDT, therefore in the review page, consider syncing it to the value of USDT.

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Yes it does, I handle staking and liquidity pools the same way using that method.

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I guess this thread can be closed then. I had to admit thats maybe to complicated to be use Farming ever again :laughing:

And big thx to everyone who helped here :+1: :+1: