Add page dedicated to DeFi Applications

It would be nice to have a dedicated DeFi Applications section. It could show liquidity pools (added coins + earned fees), staking, loans, etc.

Also eventually it would be nice to track liquidity pool impermanent loss via a chart and current impermanent loss if you were to withdrawal from the liquidity pool that day. Could list is as a net of the gained liquidity fees minus the impermanent loss to show your overall gain by being in the liquidity pool, separate from the gain you have from your crypto raising in value. Also it would be nice to include the fees you paid to enter and exit the liquidity pool somewhere as well since at current gas prices that could eat into profits; not sure of the tax implications on that though.

Hi @RoundhouseMcKik! Love it! Let’s hope we get some more votes on it so we can prioritize it. I think we need more people to know this exists. Tag your DeFi friends to get the ball rolling!

Does that portfolio feature not consider loans? this seems like a really key missing feature for Accointing.

This is from, I would love something like this. Or could y’all integrate/collaborate to gain access to their api/data?

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This is so much needed. Without large DeFi support I can’t use Accoint for my taxes. Even many Curve Pools on ETH are missing.

This would require a TON of time, energy, and resources to get this implements, so we would need a lot of votes for us to see this feature is really wanted before we would work on this.