Add NiceHash as a valid exchange

NiceHash has a well established API for pulling transaction and balance data. I would like to request the addition of NiceHash as a valid exchange with automatic pulls from their data.

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Hey! Thanks for the feedback! In, we work based on a voting mechanism: the more upvotes your feature requests has, the faster it moves in our development pipeline. Hopefully, you’ll get enough upvotes from this community to have it implemented. I’m rooting for you!


Also their mining transactions, not sure if this is also available in their API.

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Accointing looks useful for tracking and tax stuff. Maybe it should be announced on nicehash. Many ppl starts their first GPU mining on nicehash and have no idea about taxes. For them accounting could be really helpful in regard to tax etc.
Also, nicehash have a wallet and trading platform as well as an API.
I think even only for trading it’s worth to add nicehash

There are also ppl from Germany. For them its worth to get a tax report for ~79€ :slight_smile:


It would be awesome if Nicehash gave Accointing a shoutout! If we get enough votes, we will add it :slight_smile:

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I, and probably many other people that use or had used NiceHash, would like to have this. So far I’m using other trackers/taxware because they offer a NiceHash API integration.

NiceHash is not just a mining portal but also has an exchange. If you have converted or traded cryptos there beside GPU work, this cannot be mapped in accointing without considerable manual entry or csv effort atm.

If they were some manual entries todo, then ok. But mostly we’re talking about ~180 transactions/month (mining) plus the convert/trades (in my case ~30 per month). It’s simply not worth to do it manually if you want to use accointing not just for tax reports once a year, but also as your daily up to date Multiwallet/Exchange cryptoassets tracking tool. (if You use Nicehash beside others too)

Thank you for your experience with NiceHash, right now the feature requests with the most votes have around 30 votes, if you guys get high enough we will definitely prioritize this :slight_smile:
I am adding this link so if in the future you get enough votes, it will help our guys with the API.


Would be great if this could be added


Need more votes people. Go back to top of this post and vote!

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if it helps. The exchange cooperates with Nicehash. It may be possible to cover both platforms with one interface

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I’ve created a web app that converts your NiceHash BTC mining transactions export into the Accointing CSV import template. Did it for myself originally, but thought it would be good to share it if anyone else wants to use it:

My Useful Tools | NiceHash Accointing CSV Converter

There are some instructions on the page, but feel free to msg me if anything’s unclear.

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Nicehash would be nice. Many miners use the platform. That would be a lot of potential customers. Especially because there are a lot of transactions.

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+1, I could really use NiceHash integration as well. No way to see my Mining transactions. This is supported on


So badly needed.

From my personal exp. NiceHash is the only Wallet/Exchange that I can’t replicate well in accointing. Except Binance, but thats Binance fault not accointings, because of the crappy API Binance provides.

For Example: I have 600+ (atm of writing) transactions for my tax report 2021 waiting to be reported soley for NH. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Its a pain todo it manually, because you can only download a tx history per token there as csv. So you have a buch of seperate csv (depending on the amount of different tokens you have juggled there) which have to be formated each or merged together to the accointing csv scheme and then imported.

If doing so manually, it’s resulting in to much work and frustration, even for the greatest enthusiast!
I do invite every acc. user or employee to try it. :smiling_imp:

The good thing is, the REST API from NiceHash is well documented online, so…

Some can code a NH2ACC tool (NH RESTgrabber 2 ACC csv Parser) that does that work (and I prob. have to if there is no acc. integration till my '21 tax reporting deadline) then, but not everyone can do this for her/his own.

If I could, I would spend all my votes on this.
PS: Poor NH Miners (and in general), very lately they|we are considered more and more unimportant.

Shoutout to @all: VOTE for solidarity! :wink:

Does NiceHash not have the ability to download a transaction history and such?

Yes @Matt
I think it would be nice to have Accointing acknowledge NiceHash as either a Wallet or Exchange instead of having to do manual imports or copy and download the Tx History into an “unrecognized wallet/exchange” that has been manually created to accommodate.

@Matt there is an ability to download transaction history, but it is per coin, takes forever to get, and the formatting is terrible. It takes quite a bit of time to format from their exported CSV to the Accointing templates.

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it has, but only one report per coin. So in the end you will have a bunch of CSV, depending on how much different coins You have had played with in the past. Therefore it could be a lot! of different unformated csv files.

As I mentioned, to much work for most of the nicehash users to do it manually. (understandable)

Since they do mining payouts every 4 hours it is simply not worth the manual work when using Accointing. I guess the vast majority of Nicehash users who are looking for a good tax tool, skip Accointing and prefer others because of that. If they are (or were in the past) more or less involved in Nicehash mining+exchange.

Nicehash (Pool+Exchange) is quite popular and has a large userbase… ergo … Large tax report needs and Acc. potential. :wink:

Rank up those votes and we will look into it :slight_smile: We do things in order by how many people it affects, votes help up measure this :slight_smile:

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