Add Kucoin Futures to your exchanges

Please add “Kucoin Futures” to your list of integrated exchanges.

The issue is that Kucoin does not provide their Futures data through their API. Once they do, we will add it :slight_smile:

The Futures API documentation indicates that with General access, the API will return information that can be used to gather what we’d need in Accointing.

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Matt, Did you see what the API documentation link posted in this thread. Does this mean we will be able to have it integrated soon? Thanks

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I will forward this to the appropriate people and see if we can add it :smiley:

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hey guys, we need to rack up those votes, right now our we are focused on other things.

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Hey guys, the tech team said that to prioritize updates and features, we need to rack up votes to implement the Kucoin Futures API.

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Would it be possible to “import” futures to Accointing?

At the moment you can via .csv file, but in the future, with enough votes, we could implement the Future’s API.

I am confused on what information I need to manually import my Kucoin futures trades. Theres many different csv files for my futures account on kucoin, and they seem to need to be put in your template. What info is all needed for futures trades? Im confused considering the nature of futures trading and to properly record it for you guys. Would be really nice if the kucoin futures api were implemented. Theres a separate api on Kucoin for futures.

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I believe all Kucoin Futures data needs to be uploaded as we get none of it.

Currently, our system does not support futures and leverage trading, we are looking into our options now :slight_smile:

Is that system wide, or are you referring to just Kucoin?

Trying to think of a workaround so at least my Kucoin wallet reflects the correct balance.
Let’s say I net lost $368 in futures trading overall. Just as a method to reflect the proper balance could I just enter a sell order for USDT to USDT but showing a price that would reflect a net $368 loss? Any other ways I could get my Kucoin balance to match up to futures activity? Thanks

At this time I do not believe our system supports Futures, but it is something we could work on in the future with enough votes. :slight_smile:

I attempted to import a Futures Trade History CSV file and it just shows “No transactions”. How can I import the futures trade history properly so that it shows in my tax report?

Can you confirm whether your system supports Futures/Derivatives as a function? That would be really important to know, because if we try importing using the existing format for imports, it could blow up if the concept isn’t supported it would report things wrong.

We import in the Profit and Loss information we get from the exchanges