Add category "Gift to Spouse"

When I provide my Accointing tax report to my accountant, I provide a digital copy of the report, as produced by the program. Having established that gifts between spouses need to be entered as Remove Funds in the program as they are Not Taxable in the UK, it’s not annotated as such on the report. If we had a “Gift to Spouse” category in Accointing which created a Not Taxable Event, it would be clear on the report to my accountant where the funds went. Instead, I’m going to have to provide an explanation in writing each time. Please insert a Gift to Spouse category which is printed out as such on tax reports…

Hey! Thanks for the feedback! In, we work based on a voting mechanism: the more upvotes your feature requests has, the faster it moves in our development pipeline. Hopefully, you’ll get enough upvotes from this community to have it implemented.

This seems to be a UK Tax Law only thing and also includes gifts to charities. Let’s see how many votes we can get :smiley: