Add CAKE (PancakeSwap)

Can you please add CAKE to Accointing? It’s a serious token that’s surpassed ETH in terms of transactions. Thanks!

this coin has already been added. if you go to Unknown Currencies, type “cake” into the box in the “Currency in Accointing” section. It should be listed as “Cake - PancakeSwap”.

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CAKE does not show up in the section of the website you sent me to, or the mobile app. I had to add it as a manual transaction to get it to show up.

It’s currently showing in my portfolio and is displaying correctly on the mobile app and the web app.

The coin was never actually listed under Unknown Currencies for me and was detected automatically. But when i search for it, it shows on the bottom of this list here…

if it isn’t showing for you then that would be a bug since the coin is already in their system. Some screenshots might help the support team figure out what is wrong though.

How did you go about manually adding it though? if it wasn’t in the system, it would just show up as an unknown currency. Manual transactions can’t be made with unknown currencies since it’ll tell you to select a currency that has already been added into the system.

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