Add Amount of purchase or percentage of coin held on buys/sells on Portfolio Overview price graph

Currently when you switch the portfolio overview graph to price vs holdings for a crypto you can hover over your buys and sells to see the average price that day that the crypto was priced at. In that same hover window it would be nice to see how much of a buy or sell you did, either with an amount of your local currency or amount of crypto, or possibly a percentage of your holdings as the time. It would be nice to actually list the price you bought/sold at as well in the hover window.

Hi @RoundhouseMcKik! 100% agree with this and a fan of the recommendation. Hopefully we get enough upvotes to prioritize it.

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I also would like to see this feature. It’s all I’m missing at the moment.

If I select a range on my portfolio graph, I would like to see the gain/loss for that period in percent and in my fiat currency.

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We have that now in Desktop:

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From your screenshot it doesn’t look like it’s there. If you hover over the green dot for your buy on the chart it’ll just show the average price for that day, it will not show you any additional information like how much you bought or sold, or your actual buy or sell price.

Thanks for this.
I was looking for something along this lines:
Note that the gray dotted line is the invested value.

Source: Trading 212

(Maybe I’m posting in the wrong topic)

While I’m seeing this feature, the purchase prices shown are not accurate for the actual trades made. They are close, but either over or under. e.x. purchased ADA at 1.06, chart shows purchase at 1.03…
I imported from Coinbase and Coinbase Pro. Seems to impact all the various trades not just one currency. Any idea when this will be fixed?