Add ADA Daedalus Wallet

Any updates on this? Can’t believe it starts again for upvoting. Seriously?

We need to work on how we handle the fees, and then we believe we got it :slight_smile:


is it done now?

The developer who was in charge of this was out for a week, they are working on it again to finish it.

you clearly state on your website that you support cardano. I tried to link the cardano xpub and it does not work. I can only link a single wallet which is time consuming because I have more than 100 Addresses on one Wallet (xpub). When will this work und why you state that you support xpub when adding a wallet?

Hi Matt, that’s great news!

I’m in a bit of a pickle here. We in the UK have until the end of February to submit our self assessments instead of the end on Jan due to covid, and you seem to be my only hope to be able to get a tax report done in time. Do you think this will be available next week? Or, does the Yoroi CSV import work again as a temporary alternative as shown by @Romeo here? Cardano (Yoroi Wallet) - #21 by Romeo

I can only hope that the rest of my transactions will be processed without a glitch… :grimacing: I’ll have 4 years worth of transactions to massage through… Better get started with them on here.

Thank you!

The wallet address method where I create a wallet for every used address is not reliable! Accointing gets wrong transactions sometimes. One example is when staking and sending a tx, then your wallet “withdraws” the ada rewards from staking which will put into the same “send” tx.

And also very often transactions are missing. Regarding the Yoroi method I think that you should be careful with this method because I think that there is a problem with fees and the amount of ada you withdraw. It was long time ago when seeing this issue.

So after some review, there were some bugs that we need to work on before we publish the ability to use other ADA wallet address types, therefore it may be later, and will miss the UK deadline. We are working to hit the US deadline.

You can still put in the following ADA addresses that start in:

This may mean a lot of addresses instead of the one xpub address.

Thank you for your reply Matt. It looks like I will be able to generate reports elsewhere for now. Nevertheless I look forward for your alternate solution for next year. :+1:t2:

Sorry man, if you need a refund, just email us and add a link here for background context.

Thank you for your kindness, no need for a refund, haven’t gotten that far just yet. In fact once you do implement this I will pay for your reports to see if you end up with similar figures, just to boost confidence. :+1:

Not because I can, but because I need to… :sweat_smile:

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We will keep at it and I will reply here once it is ready :slight_smile:


Any updates?
Tax report is coming nearer…

Any news? Koinly has had this working for ages. though I like your guys site better. Other than not being able to add my cardano.