Add ADA Daedalus Wallet

Newly registered here, just for Cardano support.

Where can I get the non acct_ address for my wallets?

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Matt I’m a little surprised by the number of ! in your reply. @CalifLove was asking for “proper” support. Have you ever used your solution for Cardano? I did and it’s everything else but proper! I had to add 8 Cardano wallets one for each address in Daedalus and it still wasn’t working properly.

“stake1” addresses, please.
at least in Daedalus, this shows total accumulated staking rewards.


Agreed! This would be great, can also get wallet totals like this.

Hi folks. I have today just signed up to accointing and after putting all my data from all my crypto assets except for Cardano ADA, have only just now discovered that it is not supported properly! Very disappointing for a paid service! I’m hoping you can tell us all; when can we expect full proper support for xpub Cardano addresses, Cardano staking rewards and CNFTs please? Thank you.

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Please see the solution, at this time there is no way to integrate the ADA Xpub address to track it all. If there is, we are unaware of it.

I posted how to do it up here.

a) Get cardano-addresses
b) Generate keys from xpub (acct_xvk) key like so…

cat xpub.key | cardano-address key child 2/0 > stake.key

# Generate staking address
cat stake.key | cardano-address address stake --network-tag 1

# Generate external addresses 1-3
cat xpub.key | cardano-address key child 0/0 | cardano-address address payment --network-tag 1 | cardano-address address delegation "$(cat stake.key)"
cat xpub.key | cardano-address key child 0/1 | cardano-address address payment --network-tag 1 | cardano-address address delegation "$(cat stake.key)"
cat xpub.key | cardano-address key child 0/2 | cardano-address address payment --network-tag 1 | cardano-address address delegation "$(cat stake.key)"

# Generate internal addresses 1-3
cat xpub.key | cardano-address key child 1/0 | cardano-address address payment --network-tag 1 | cardano-address address delegation "$(cat stake.key)"
cat xpub.key | cardano-address key child 1/1 | cardano-address address payment --network-tag 1 | cardano-address address delegation "$(cat stake.key)"
cat xpub.key | cardano-address key child 1/2 | cardano-address address payment --network-tag 1 | cardano-address address delegation "$(cat stake.key)"

c) Get/run cardano-db-sync - it will (slowly) sync the blockchain into a postgres database
d) Check in the database for the generated internal/external addresses to get transaction information.
e) Keep generating / checking addresses until you get 20 addresses with no matching transactions.
f) Check in the database for the staking rewards.

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In fact, I’ve just noticed that cardano-wallet looks like it can restore an account from an xpub key, so no need to go to this sort of trouble. You should just be able to run cardano-wallet on a machine, import accounts using the xpub key, and then their balances etc should be queryable via its API.



I will forward this information, thank you so much!

At this time we do not host our own node, currently, we rely on external network explorers mostly.
So at this time, I do not believe that we can do this @Wobble. We very much appreciate your help!

You could do it without a node, although it might not be super speedy.

You could use cardano-addresses (it’s available as a binary for various platforms) to generate the various addresses that belong to a wallet from its xpub key, and then use your existing import methods to actually fetch the data.

I will mention to the team that you may be able to do it without a node :slight_smile:

@Wobble would you like a job? You seem smart!

Not enough hours in the day for that :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, that means you are definitely losing out on all of the ADA investors… including me. I’ve been following this thread to see if I can migrate here from Cointracker… well, not possible like this.

Just would like to mention, not to shill nor bash… there’s another tracker site (CTC io), who are able to infer all of the addesses belonging to a wallet by using the staking key of said wallet. There are a few bugs matching up transfers, but they are looking into resolving that with my help as we speak.

So… it is possible, in fact there are multiple ways to skin this cat, granted, only one tracker in the world I found that could crack it, as of now.

Better not say you cannot do it… doesn’t look good on you guys. I mean I don’t know how to either… :slight_smile: but you will know! :slight_smile: The question is: when. You must understand this is a must for all ADA holders, you can’t just shrug this off, or you’re risking going under. Friendly note here :slight_smile:

I wish you best of luck figuring it out, who knows, maybe in the future I’ll be a customer of yours… :slight_smile: But right now I’m locked out of your service.

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I understand, you are busy, let us know if you ever change your mind :slight_smile:

Hi @Matt actually it should be easily possible. I’ve fetched all addr1 of a wallet from the stake address in another project (should also be possible with the xpub key). You don’t even need to start a Cardano node for that but you can use for example to query the Cardano blockchain.
I have 10 wallets and each of them have multiple addresses. It’s super frustrating to add tausend of transactions manually. I’m a pro user and without that feature Accounting is mostly useless for me :confused:
I hope you guys can add this feature soon… it’s also requested a lot from the community :wink:


We have added this to our pipeline to do, however, we plan to add this first: Manual entry of tokens (those not listed on CoinmarketCap)

I’m seconding this. Importing individual (UTXO) addresses is impractical to the point of this being unusable. Frankly it’s a stretch to say that accointing supports Cardano.

It would be easy enough to write a script to rearrange the csv export from yoroi or daedalus to the accointing input format sheet, but what’s the point when this information can be queried from the chain. As @chryb points out there are even APIs for extracting this information conveniently: see ~ API Documentation - down to the differentiation between deposits, withdrawal, staking rewards and even Cardano tokens and NFTs, some of which are being traded already on exchanges (e.g. WMT - WorldMobileToken).

@Matt I’m sure you are on it, still it’s worth mentioning that solving this will not only close plenty of similar topics starting from the beginning of this year, but will also open the doors not only for all ADA holders but also the dozens tokens that are starting to be traded on Cardano. This will only become more of an issue in the future as more and more Cardano tokens will hit the exchanges. For now unfortunately ADA holders will have to look elsewhere.


Thank you @foobar for your feedback, yes, we know we only have a temporary solution for ADA auto-tracking.
We have hired multiple people for Accointing in the past month and have been training, in Q1 we plan to start doing more feature requests! :smiley: I have already combined the votes from Yoroi and Daedalus which puts you in the top 5 feature requests by the community, you should see it soon! I will pass along their API link to the devs :slight_smile:

Would someone be willing to DM your ADA address so that we can take a deeper look into adding more address types?

I need the following of each type:

  • Public key
  • Internal addresses
  • External addresses
  • Reward (staking) addresses

I need the above information for the following ADA wallets.

  • Daedelus
  • Yoroi
  • ADALite
  • Ledger (hardware wallet)
  • Byron
  • Shelley