Add ADA Daedalus Wallet

Hi Matt, thanks for fixing this. On my side it’s working for ADA Addresses, but not when I try to use my Daedalus XPUB key (error message: “something went wrong”)

Having it work for specific adresses is only half of a solution, because it requires to create a seperate wallet for each address, which could result in a lot of wallets. This is not really practical.

Regards Potzi.

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Hi Atzepe, the wallet is shown as “Cardano” Regards, Potzi

Hi all,

I found it.
However you a absolutely right. In deadalus a wallet can have more than 20 adresses.

This means I have to import every transaction seperately.

This isn’t really handy.

Any other recommendations?

Thanks a lot

Keep voting, maybe we could add a thing where you add more than one ADA address to Accointing, but it all shows up under one wallet or something. Or Maybe Daedalus will make a master address or something to track all addresses under it. I am unsure, keep voting :slight_smile:

Are there any other ADA issues?
@potzi is your issue reolved?

I’m not potzi, but no - it’s not working.

Daedalus does now allow you to export the xpub key (which as far as I understand is essentially the master address) via its settings screen, but when I try to import this into Accointing, I get the same result as Potzi - a little red warning box “Something went wrong”.


Same here!

Would be nice if Accointing could solve this.

Thanks a lot

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Thank you, I will ask what is possible with the team :slight_smile:

the issue is only partly solved. It works for single ADA adresses, this is an improvement, but it’s a lot of effort to keep track of all the different adresses and create a wallet for each and every adress. So it’s not a practical solution.

As Wobble said: The import still does not work for Daedalus XPUB keys (Master Public Key). Having it work with masterkeys would have the advantage, that you can monitor the whole wallet withoud the need to track all the single adresses.

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Hey guys, we haven’t implemented xpub address derivation yet, once we do, I believe that would fetch at your addresses. I do not have an ADA Daedlus Wallet. Can anyone confirm that this would work?

Working on this now :slight_smile:

I’m glad I found this thread. I’ve been searching for a portfolio tracker that could reliably track staking rewards for tax purposes. I sent a small amount of ADA to my Daedalus wallet to test out the sending/receiving. After I staked it, I linked my ADA wallet but it shows empty (all done within past 3-4 days). I’ll be tracking this feature request because if Accointing can figure this out it will make taxes much easier and worth the $ for the service. Otherwise, I’m going to have some headaches making spreadsheets

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xpub is not just a Daedalus-specific thing. I believe you can also retrieve your xpub key from Yoroi, for example.

But as far as I understand, yes - the staking address + other addresses can be derived from the xpub key. From what I can see, someone’s doing that here with the cardano-addresses utility:

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Thank you @Wobble knowing that will help out our guys over here at the Yoroi post :smiley:

Hi @Matt ,

I’m also interested in a solution for Cardano wallets. Otherwise, you can’t really handle it over time (for me, it will determine, if I will use Accointing in the future).

One solution could be the ‘public wallet key’ in Daedalus. It’s listed under ‘settings’ and ‘public wallet key’ (it’s hidden, but you can make it visible by entering your password). This key combines any address that is used in relation to a single wallet. This information can only be derived from this public wallet key and is hidden for a third party.

I hope, there will be a solution soon!

Cheers, Mitch

We are working on the xpub address now guy then we need to test them. But this should solve your Daedalus and Yoroi tracking :smiley:


Perfect! Let us know, when there is something to test. We can’t wait for it.
all the best


Hey guys, so Daedalus address types are working!!! However, some addresses, like the ones that start with ‘acct_’ are not supported.
Let me know if you find any other wallet formats that are not working!
Here is a list of the 3 address type we are able to support.
ADA addresses that start in:

Thanks for the information. However, the ‘acct_’ addresses (these are equivalent to XPUB) are crucial, otherwise all addr1 addresses must still be inserted as separate wallets. This leads to chaos in the Accointing account. So either ‘acct_’ or an automated import of all addresses based on a single address., for example, has developed a good solution for exporting all staking rewards from a single address.

Sorry, but without such a solution, Accointing becomes unattractive for Cardano users in the long run.


The minimum solution would still be to be able to assign the addr1 addresses to at least a single wallet. Then you could create a new wallet in Accointing and create the corresponding addresses there. This does not solve the problem with the incoming staking rewards (these are still not imported and it is an insane job to add them manually), but at least the wallets can be mapped to some extent.


@mitchmd we are not saying that we have given up, this is just where we are right now.