Add ADA Daedalus Wallet

Vote for this post if you would like to see the Cardano’s Daedalus Wallet integrated with Accointing.

Voting for my topic would include the following:

  1. Adding Daedalus Wallet for Cardano ADA
  2. Cardano Daedalus Wallet zu Accointing hinzufügen!?!
  3. Allow Cardano's Daedalus Wallet to sync ADA rewards
  4. Transactions marked as "ignore" are not ignored in portfolio overview - #4 by kerthi
  5. Cardano Wallet (shelley address) does not show anything

Voting limit reached, but I totally support this. Is there a way to transfer the votes from the individual topics to the meta topic?

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Remove your vote from any of the other topics I linked above to vote here for the whole package :slight_smile:

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Will this topic also cover sync related bugs (wrong balance on ADA wallet ?). Any idea where the problem comes from ? Sometimes after a new transaction, the balance is completely off. Just to know if I have to create a new topic.

Glad to see that this topic encompasses the support of daedalus public addresses as well (the ones beginning with “acct_”). It might solve sync issues.

This topic is separate from the ADA address we already support. Here is a photo of what we already support.

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My Accointing value agrees with the send address I supplied but not for the wallet “Total Stake” as can be seen at, where all values sum to the correct total stake, and where all addresses are uniquely identified by a Stake Key.

Sorry if this is old news but it’s something I just discovered. It seems the relationship between Stake Key and addresses is 1 to all, while the relationship between a wallet address and the remaining addressees is non-existent.

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We hope to have a push this week that will help address some of the issues with Cardano. The Daedlus wallet I believe is a separate thing that still needs voted for.

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There is an easier way to go about solving the problem with the Cardano ADA Wallet integration and it comes from understanding how Cardano handles wallets, to begin with. Not everything is kept in a single address, but instead a nest of addresses under a Hash address. Using the website you can retrieve the addresses the compromise your hash and connect them to accointing individually.

The easiest way to do this on ADASTAT is by starting in your Daedelus wallet and going to the delegation icon. Click on the rewards tab and copy the rewards address for the wallet you want to connect.

Then go to ADASTAT and enter your rewards address to bring up your report. At the top of the report, you will see your Rewards address that you just entered, followed below it with an Account number. Click the account number to progress to the next report.

The Account report will have a graph with 3 tabs, the third tab will say addresses, when you click on it, it will list all of the addresses and their associated values. You can then import these addresses individually as their own wallet, which is a real bummer, as it would be much nicer to see a feature that would group all of your associated addresses with the same account hash number, including rewards, which would line up with the view that we get when we open the Daedelus or Yoroi wallet.

Probably the easiest way to fix this for accointing’s programmers would be to simply just allow us to input multiple addresses for a Cardano wallet when created.

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Thank you @brianpatrickmcgee if we get enough votes for this, we will certainly use your feedback! Much appreciated! Will need about 30 votes to reach the top.

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