ADA staking via Daedalus Wallet wird nicht erkannt

Hallo. Habe meine Daedalus Wallet per Receive Adresse mit Accointing verbunden und dann an einen Stake Pool delegiert. Ab dem Moment wird mein ₳ Bestand in dem Wallet in Accointing mit 0 angezeigt. Dabei sind alle ₳ immer noch da und verfügbar in der Daedalus Wallet. Was ist da los?

We are currently working on the issues with ADA, thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

The new ADA integration is done! Accointing recommends all users who had the old one to delete it and import the new one. Otherwise, you might get duplicates. Be sure to reclassify. (How I do this personally is to import the new one and then compare it to the transactions of the old one. Once done, I delete the old wallet.)

Let me know if you experience any more errors!

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