ACENT ($ACE) listed wrong in Kucoin


I contacted with Accointing Twitter and they told me to post this here (Thanks, Max!).

The ACENT cryptocurrency ($ACE; is confused with ACE Tokenstars ($ACE; in the wallet in Kucoin, which causes the portfolio balance calculation to go wrong. Will it be fixed soon? ACENT also does not appear in Accointing to make the manual change in the transaction.

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This issue is the same as the one presented in the link below.

The difference is, i saw that Acent (ACE) is now listed on CoinMarketCap, also linked below, so it can be added.


Yes, ACENT ($ACE) is now listed in Coinmarketcap, fixing the issue now is feasible I think.

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Hey, @adalcrypto thank you! We will carry on the ACE error in that post linked above.
I will go ahead and close your post :slight_smile:

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