Accounting is not identifying the correct prices for IOTX on Coinbase

The correct price at this time is approximately $0.23, not $0.19. Accounting is not getting the right market price.

This issue is that Coinbase is the ONLY exchange that trades the IOTX coin on the Etherium Blockchain, and it is worth more on the Etherium blockchain for some reason.
So it is not that Accointing has it wrong, but that Coinbase is just different than the rest.

Is the Coinbase IOTX Erc-20 coin the only coin that has different values on other exchanges?

Yes, it is something about Coinbase offering IOTX of ETH blockchain instead of the native chain or something like that :stuck_out_tongue:

The IOTX native blockchain is committed to cross chain access so it has setup the “ioTube” to allow moving tokens to many other chains. Apparently, the ETH network has imported and converted its maximum number of IOTX tokens. As such, the IOTX-erc 20 trades at a premium to the native IOTX. Given this situation, IMO, Accounting ought to use trade prices that reflect the IOTX-erc 20 premium as evidenced by the Coinbase Exchange.

I can mention this feedback to our team, thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks, Matt.

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