Accounting counting transactions wrongly

I have spent quite a while checking my transactions from several exchanges and platforms. I had a few sorted out but a few hours ago (I guess it recalculated things or something), Accointing started showing me significant figures of my BALANCER Token.

BALANCER TOKEN on my wallet is only 106 BAL and on Accointing it shows 928,335.32303428 token.

I don’t know if this is due to some temporary issue if this is normal or what it is but it’s nonsense… I need it to be fixed or to know what’s going on. The platform seemed quite good but after this, I don’t know how I can rely on this.

P.S: I tried to add screenshots of each exchange but I’m only allowed to post one…

I addressed this in the below comment but can continue the discussion here. let me know if what i suggested helps at all.

Also, i could be wrong but i think you can post more screenshots into the comments of this thread.

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Hello Alan,

I am sorry to keep bothering you. I have tried the steps given on the guide, however, it seems doesn’t fix the issue at all. Any suggestion on how to fix this issue?