Account deletion

Hi Accointing team,

It seems that the feature of a complete account deletion doesn’t work anymore.
Any info on when we can expect it to work again is appreciated.


Hey @a.centauri are you trying to clear your transactions or completely delete your account?
Can you please try again while I look into this issue?

I just created a new account and it was deleted for me, please let me know if it deletes for you. The way I sign in is via Google, what way do you sign into your Accointing account?

Hi Matt, thank you for looking into this problem.
I’m trying to delete the account completely that was registered via email.
I tried again and received the same error message.

I would need to know your email address so that we can manually delete it since we are having an issue with this. Can you please send us an email of your issue and link this post?