Accointing wallet and exchange management is a mess!


I’ve been using Accointing now for two year and to be honest it is proving to be a total nightmare for some exchanges.

Is it just me or do others find the same?!

All I seem to do is spend hours and hours trying to fix and locate errors. I’m up to around 50 hours now since I started using this service 2 years ago.
If I’m not trying to find errors manually, I’m constantly deleting exchanges / wallets and adding them back in to try and get a good result!
Or I spend time trying to verify if my portfolio is correct or wondering if my tax numbers calculated are correct. For a paid service it is quite ridiculous.

The best way to avoid all this drama is clearly manual entries but that defeats the purpose of having APIs to do the work for you. Accointing has some great features but it is also extremely buggy at times.

Some examples of constant errors I face:

  • Binance → Constant yellow dot errors. Missing amounts, Balances don’t match between Binance and Accointing, staking coins for 15, 30, 60, 90 day etc not shown correctly, fiat deposits and withdrawals not shown (broken as it worked briefly?), coins in my portfolio that I don’t have (eg ERD vs EGLD)
  • Kucoin → Constant yellow dot errors. Kucoin API does not seem to recognise KCS coins properly if they are used for transaction fees. Multiple missing amounts in transactions from API
  • → Constant yellow dot errors. Multiple missing amounts in transactions from API
  • Coins listed on Accointing at average buy price of XXX when actual average buy is YYY

Does any one else have these issues? They’re driving me nuts!!!

How do I go about fixing these errors? Please can someone assist?

Thank you.

We appreciate the feedback and I have forwarded it to our team. :slight_smile:

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Fully agree - I have the same problems with Binance and Celsius. As soon as you have transfers in out of these platforms it get’s difficult - balances don’t match etc.

Hello, @chemicallymark would you be open to an interview to express to us your valuable feedback in more detail since you have been with us for 2 years, we would really love to hear about your experience, I will DM you with some instructions if you are willing :slight_smile:

I totally agree.

Accointing vs Excel has now become a dilemma for me? Which one should I use?

Binance reconcilation is a complete pain. Like you, I delete data from a wallet an resync hoping that I will be able to resolve. I have spen countless hours on this product which I though would make my life easier.

Staking is a issue as there are imbalances between what the exchange reports and what Accointing states. Trying to fix such issues is time consuming in the effort to resolve, often resulting in failure. The help guides are unhelpful.

Average Purchase prices differ between what is shown on the iOS app and the desktop application? Why is this? Does anyone else have this issue?

I used the desktop application’s Average Purchase price as a basis for a sale, where the sale price was greater than the Average purchase price. Accointing reported a loss rather than a profit on the trade. I’m confused and I have lost all confidence in the product. I am U.K based where taxation rules use the average price as the basis for tax calculations.

I think the product is unreliable and I worry about using it as an accurate basis for my Tax Returns.


Hey guys :slight_smile: Accointing is a growing business and most Blockchain-based products are all in an early stage with a lack of standards and regulations. Think of it as if we are in the mid-90s compared to where the internet was. Amazon and Google looked like crap and their solutions did not work well yet. We are a growing company and we are happy to have you here with us. Thank you for being a good citizen and for paying your taxes! Most of the issues you describe are not with Accointing but with the exchanges and wallets we offer. They contently change their API without out notice and we do our best to manage them and stay updated. We here at, work based on a voting mechanism to determine priority for new features. We have other methods as well, but this is one piece of data that we can use to show our devs that this feature request is important. We prioritise bugs by how many people it affects.
Would you ask Google why a product in their Appstore is not working properly or would you reach out to the App developer? That is similar as to what is going on here, but we admit there are bugs on the things we control as well and we are working hard to fix them. We have set up this community board and a telegram group for support and bug reporting however we are only a small team, and are hiring to make bug fixing, API management, and new features much quicker.
I am sorry for your bad experience so far. Maybe a shift in expectations helps. Think of it as being part of something that less than 5% of the world population is even aware of. Trading Crypto at a very early stage. Bitcoin is only 13 years old and the value of 1 Bitcoin increased from a few cents to thousands of dollars. Just let that sink in.
Kind regards

Hello folks,
Hi Matt,

Yes, the development has parallels to the 90s, but it’s a bit more rapid and varied. If you just look at what has happened within this year. Also how Accointing has evolved, I basically agree with you. It’s still quite intuitive and understandable even for people who have had almost no touches to bookings. But here too there are points, some of which have already been mentioned, that are not so nice or take too long to fix.

Currently I only use Accointing for tracking. But my pan is actually to do my tax declaration through it next year.
Well, I sit there for several hours every evening and am rather busy repairing something and also mainly setting up auxiliary accounts and re-establishing the references to the wallet transactions, because Accointing can only rarely or not at all assign deposit-withdraw events with which additional earnings can be attached. The additional income can be marked as staking income and the withdraw token without classification, as well as the deposit entry without classification, these are not linked as long as the transaction number is not changed for the staking income. (But this had worked well before and you only had to rework it in rare cases!)
Also, I am busy with Binance daily setting at least 3 entries to ignore. (BTC, BNB and VET) I have, since the problem has been going on for months, already given up interest bearing investments of tokens and coins in Binance so that I have less work in Accointing.
(Next one is not valid anymore! After i deleted all transactions for exactly 1 month and reloaded Binance APi, i need to ignore my ordinary 3 enties. xD)
//////But as of today, or yesterday, the situation with Binance has worsened. I noticed that all but one month ago, BTC, BNB and VET were added again with the same amounts. So from 3 ignored entries to 6 entries that are invalid.//////
I would have thought that the DEVs might have introduced something like a plausibility check, because theoretically it’s impossible to have exactly the same yield twice on the same day on the same platform from the same token/coin. Or the bug is finally found that leads to this duplication. If the API is structured in the same way as the *.csv that you can download from Binance, then it actually also says what, from where, to where which token/coin was created or disappears.
And if I may say so, other tracker/control tools for cryptocurrency can deal with the API of Binance, there is definitely not this duplication problem.

Ok, enough complaining. Back to my bookings now :wink: (It’s really hard earned money!)

Translated with (free version)

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When are the descrepancies between iOS app and desktop app going to be resolved? When is the Average Price going to be resolved? When is the Profit and Loss reported on the iOS app versus the Desktop App going to be resolved?

On the iOS app one of my positions shows a profit of £5.2K and on the Desktop App it shows £9.1K. Hello? Nosensical.

The total value for this position on the iOS app and the Desktop App are correct. The Average Purchase price and Profit/Loss are not.

I do not believe that any of the above has to do with infacy of Accointing in the Blockchanin era. Looks like a lack of testing and validation. If you want folk to have a shift in expectations then put that on your website so that propective subscribers will be told up front that the product does not work as intended. This is called, ‘managing expectations’.

When are these items going to be fixed as they are fundamental. If you cannot or will not, then just remove them as they can lead to bad trading or investment decisions being made.

Aaaand this, that had been valid then not valid, is valid again. I mean this Problem came back today. :woozy_face:

(Next one is not valid anymore! After i deleted all transactions for exactly 1 month and reloaded Binance APi, i need to ignore my ordinary 3 enties. xD)
//////But as of today, or yesterday, the situation with Binance has worsened. I noticed that all but one month ago, BTC, BNB and VET were added again with the same amounts. So from 3 ignored entries to 6 entries that are invalid.//////

Please email us the differences between apps and the issue you are having with them.
We can create a bug report for the devs to look into :slight_smile:

We are working on the duplicate issue right now!


@chemicallymark I’ve been using Accointing for 2 years as well, over 7000 transactions across 2 dozen wallets/exchanges. My time spent on forensic accounting, manual entries, etc, numbers in the hundreds of hours, but I’m OCD about it. You are not alone but I’ve come to accept the deficiencies and I’ve come to learn what accointing can and can’t do with certain exchanges, staking, liquidity pools, etc.
Even though has an API, I use manual csv import due to a variety of problems. I built an excel template with alot of calcs to convert the csv download to the “Accointing template” format. I just copy/paste into my sheet and it spits out a perfectly formatted file that Accointing can interpret without issue. I have excel templates set up to do this for other exchanges/wallets where api is not supported as well.
Other examples of workarounds:
I know if I take out a loan on Celsius, I’ll have to ignore the API imports and manually reconcile.
If I stake BNB on Binance Chain through Trust Wallet, I know accointing will interpret as a withdrawal, so I set up a fake wallet to create manual deposits and classify as internal.
Many exchanges don’t report staking income as deposits through API, so in many cases that is the cause of yellow dots. Just auto reconcile and classify as income.
I try to add transactions that I know will not work through api every 2 weeks or so while they are fresh in my mind; waiting several months is a nightmare for me.
All crypto tax software has similar issues. For now this is the nature of the beast.


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