Accointing ticket system "forgot password" not working

When I click on “Forgot your password?” the system tells me “You must be logged in to access this page”. This does not make sense.

Can you try to sign in using your Google or one of the other options and see if that works as we look into this issue?

This is what I am doing for now (using google login).

I believe that we fixed the error this morning, please try to login again.

Yes I now get one step further and can enter my email for which I want to reset the password. However, it is still not working. After entering the email and submitting I get this error:

I didn’t receive any email. I know that the email is correct because when I try to register a new account with it I get “this email is already taken”. I assume that this account is in “waiting for email verification” limbo.

Can you DM me your email address so that I can take a deeper look?

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