Accointing ticket system broken

I opened a ticket in the Accointing support system. After some while I tried to check up on this ticket but it simply vanished. I assume it moved to resolved without ever notifying me (bug wasn’t fixed of course). I suspect that it would be still viewable if I could look into resolved tickets.

However, this seems to be totally broken. See this screenshot:

Do you know your ticket number by chance?

Hi Alex-

We just turned on email notifications for resolving or closing tickets.

As Matt asked, do you mind providing me the ticket number you were issued, or the email address you used to create your support ticket?

With either one of those, I can take a look at what happened.

In the future, all tickets will have a notification that a ticket was created, solved, or closed, with a link to the ticket.


Head of Customer Success

I obviously don’t memorize ticket numbers when creating tickets and without any emails I can’t look it up. I DM you my email.

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