Accointing Template: How to correctly import Binance "Buy Crypto History"?

I want to import the “Buy Crypto History” from Binance to my Accointing Template.

Example: I bought 0,00109 BTC for 100 EUR on Binance via credit card.

What’s correct:

  1. On line DEPOSIT which containts both the deposit AND the order? (red)
  2. Two lines DEPOSIT and ORDER. (green)

If #2 is correct, what about the time? To get it in the right order I need to fake the deposit time and make the deposit (09:27:40) happen before the order (09:27:41).

Please see the example :slight_smile:

Please also note Step #3

  1. You can insert the amounts with “.” for decimals

I’m having this same issue.

Can’t find any help article explaining the difference between a Deposit and an Order, and where to use them.

So is buying crypto with some cash you’ve already deposited in an exchange a ‘deposit’ or an ‘order’?

If it is an ‘order’, then I guess you have to have a previous ‘deposit’ of some FIAT that covers or is greater than this ‘order’

My suggestion is to create a transaction on Accointing of a Deposit of cash.
In your case, you have already done that at some point.
Now add an order of cash to BTC (Or whatever crypto you got).
The end result will look like this in the full data transaction.

Also consider the different types of classifying :slight_smile:
Here is the breakdown of classifications: Crypto Tax Classifications : Accointing AG
Here is how you are taxed per classification: You searched for classifications - The Hub on