Accointing shows only 97/100 in the percent description of one coin. #Binance

Accointing shows for the percentage value of one if my coins (ADA) that there are only 97% (97/100) in the section “Haltefrist”. The holdings on binance are off in this view and missing some funds. The value of total coins in the overview on the frontpage is correct though. Please help.

Can you please refresh all your wallets and exchanges?

Haltefrist = Holding period (Sorry I had to translate, I do not speak German.)

The holding period shows you how long you need to hold a coin in older to hold it for more than a year to be charged long-term capital gains rather than short-term capital gains (at least that is true in the US).

Therefore 97% of your ADA from the date you were looking at were held for more than 1 year.

Make sure the correct date, mine was set to April for some reason.
Can you please send screenshots if you have another issue? Like the missing funds.

Hej and thanks for the answer. I am aware what the Holding period is. The problem is that it just shows 97% in total. As if no more than 97/ would exist. All my other holdings show 100 no matter in which constelation (90/10, 80/20 etc…) but for ADA the sum is always 97%. I think the problem are the missing funds from Binance. see screenshot. I can’t find the source why this error occurs.

I suggest finding where the ADA is missing AFTER refreshing all your accounts.
If you cannot find it, as a last resort, fix it for you. You could them edit the new taxable transaction we created for you and change the date to where it makes the most sense.

Thank you. Just to understand you correct: Your suggestion is to resolve the issue with a manually created taxable transaction for the missing funds in case I can not find the source? Right? I think I could resolve it already partly.

A second question (or should I open a new ticket?): In a different matter I get an error “no purchase history” and it says I am missing 1.56 BNB (Screenshot). Does it mean the system does not know where the 1.56 BNB that I sold back then where comming from?
Or is it something else?

Any suggestions how to resolve this?
Thank you


Yes, the system does not know how you got that 1.56 BNB. Try to figure out what transaction is missing or manually fill in the hole. If there are no holes to be fed, let me know if there are any internal transfers with your BNB. That has been known to cause this error as well lately.

Be sure to click refresh on all your wallets and click re-calculate in the top right when it appears. That sometimes also fixes the issue.